Epic Story

The entire Sailor Moon Story is being rewritten to better fit a roleplaying video game and provide new characters, twists, and surprises to the mix. Some characters will die, victims in the crossfire between good and evil, and others will fall prey to their inner demons and become enemies.

Innovative Features

The games will have unique features including original battle and menu systems, minigames, and more! For a complete list of features, please consult the Features section.

Countless Characters

One of the funnest aspects of this project is getting to include Characters from all the different versions of Sailor Moon, from the original manga to the anime, live action, and musicals. The game will also feature playable characters that are not Sailor Soldiers such as Luna, Artemis, and Tuxedo Mask!

Professional Quality

The project is being made completely from the ground up to provide a truly unique and custom experience. We’ve put the utmost care into making sure that the game is polished in all aspects.

  • Copyright

    Sailor Moon is © 1995 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha Ltd./Toei Animation Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Sailor Moon is a trademark of Toei Animation Co., Ltd. Used under license. Based on the comic series by Naoko Takeuchi, first published in Japan by Kodansha Ltd.
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