Destiny Begins Again

Against the unbearable cold of the Arctic Circle, she had almost given up hope. In her weakness she became haunted by the time she was banished to die here, and slumped to her knees in defeat. Then by some miracle, as she looked up she saw it: a lone cave amidst hundreds of miles of frozen wasteland. She was surprised to discover that she was simultaneously relieved and anxious as an overwhelming sense of dread overcame her and second thoughts plagued her conscience… but she knew there was no turning back now.

After descending into the cavern for what felt like an eternity, a familiar sight came into her view. It was the castle she had once made her home all those millennia ago; the castle where she founded her empire. The castle where she met “it”.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. Everything was just as she left it, completely untouched by time. She instantly felt the warm glow of the torches lighting the main hall, and took a moment to shed the chill from her bones.

Her reunion with “it” drew near, and once again she descended into the earth, down a seemingly endless staircase to the chamber where “it” lived. When she finally reached the bottom, a foul aroma filled her nostrils, a familiar yet horrifying smell that she had reluctantly thought about often.

Her heart began to beat so rapidly that she could feel it in her ears. One by one, she placed seven crystals, each a different color, into the ornate pedestal on the ground in front of the chamber door. After every crystal was placed, a prismatic light was sent from the pedestal towards the door, and it filled with a blinding purple light.

As the door opened, she could feel “it” calling to her, bidding her legs to move. She swallowed hard and crossed the threshold of the chamber. Now “it” was right in front of her. She knew what “it” would say before “it” even spoke.

“Welcome home.”

Evil Beckons

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