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Evil Beckons

New Story Tidbit

The following story tidbit has been added to the new Destiny Begins Again page: Against the unbearable cold of the Arctic Circle, she had almost …

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Space BG 2

PGSM Crystal Wallpapers

I made some high resolution backgrounds based on the beautiful scenery of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal. You can get them below or from the …

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Features – Dating (Poll Results)

Last week I conducted a poll on the Facebook page regarding whether or not to add friendly non-romantic dates to the dating sim feature in …

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PGSM Crystal Episode 2

Episode 2 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is out NOW! You can watch it below, streamed from Hulu for free! Once again they’ve managed …

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New PGSM Crystal Tomorrow!

The second episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal premieres tomorrow morning at 6 a.m.! If possible, I will post a direct stream from Hulu here …

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The Wait Continues

This is me when I realized that episode 2 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is still another week away: I can’t wait to see Sailor …

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Features – Dating

When Sailor Venus joins the party, the Date option is added to Save Points when in a city. Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako can each …

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New Sailor V Game!

A brand new version of the Sailor V Game has been revealed in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal. It looks to have quite a few …

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Sailor Moon Crystal…OUT NOW!

Episode 1 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is out NOW! You can watch it below, streamed from Hulu for free! I personally LOVED it! …

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Save Point

Save Point (WIP)

Work in progress of the game’s save points. This screenshot has also been added to the Screenshots gallery. Some graphics for the Hikawa Shrine such …

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