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Sailor Soldier Background

Media Update 11/16/13

A new poster has been added to the Artwork gallery, and a new wallpaper has been added to the Wallpaper gallery. Check them out below:

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Sailor V Prototype Armor BG

Media Update 11/12/13

Finalized artwork has been added for Sailor V in the Artwork gallery. Character posters have also been added. The group poster is coming soon! You can also check …

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Sailor Jupiter Prototype Armor BG

Media Update 11/9/13

Finalized artwork has been added for Sailor Jupiter in the Artwork gallery. Sailor V is soon to follow, as well as individual character posters and a group poster! …

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Sailor Mars Prototype Armor BG

Media Update 11/7/13

New artwork for Sailor Mars’s prototype form has been added to the Artwork gallery! Jupiter, Venus, and a new poster and wallpaper will be following over the …

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Sailor Mercury Prototype BG

Media Update 10/16/13

Hello everyone! Thanks to the raised funds I’m still hard at work on putting together new maps. In the meantime, I’d like to show off …

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Sailor Moon Prototype Armor BG

Media Update 9/22/13

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of updates this week, I’ve been a bit under the weather! New screenshots will be available soon of …

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Chibi Sailor Soldiers Wallpaper

Media Update 9/13/13

A Wallpapers category has been updated to the Media gallery. Kirsten Grossmann has finished the chibi promotional art of the five Sailor Soldiers from the …

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Media Update 9/11/13

Artwork for Morga, the boss of Act One – Destiny, has been added to the Artwork gallery.

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Mio Kuroki

Media Update 9/9/13

Artwork for Mio Kuroki has been added to the Artwork gallery in the Media section. All of the pixel portraits from the Playable Character profiles …

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Donate/Rewards & Bonus Games

A new Donate via Paypal plug-in widget has been added to the bottom of the site, as well as a Donate/Rewards page, detailing the rewards. …

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