New Anime Designs!

The first official designs for the new anime have been revealed! Check them out below:

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Media Update 4/4/14

Finalized artwork has been added for Queen Beryl in the Artwork gallery. Her character page will soon follow! You can also check out Queen Beryl below: (click for …

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Sailor Moon 2014 Anime News

Big news on the new Sailor Moon anime, now titled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, has surfaced. Check out the promo logo and artwork below: I …

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Update 1/12/14

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I wanted to let everyone know that things are still progressing well, it’s just been a very busy …

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Donate/Rewards & Bonus Games

A new Donate via Paypal plug-in widget has been added to the bottom of the site, as well as a Donate/Rewards page, detailing the rewards. …

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Funding Campaign Results

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the game’s Indiegogo Campaign! To those of you who got the $25 …

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The Moon Kingdom

Media Update: Teaser Trailer

I made a teaser trailer showcasing the story of the Silver Millennium as seen in the intro of the game. Watch below! This video has …

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Calling All Voice Actors!

I’m going to be doing a small radio play type project to show off various parts of the script for Act One of the Dark …

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Indiegogo Funding Campaign

The Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The RPG – Dark Kingdom Arc Indiegogo Funding Campaign has just launched! Crowd funding to reach our $20,000 goal will …

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