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When Sailor Venus joins the party, the Date option is added to Save Points when in a city. Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako can each go on dates with potential love interests after they’ve been unlocked by completing all of their Moonies quests, which result in them forming a bond.

When the date option is selected at a Save Point, you first choose which Soldier will go on the date, and then which love interest will go on the date with you. Then, you navigate to the spot where you want to have your date. Some date spots are neutral and any characters can date at them, others are only accessible for certain characters. While on the date itself, the characters converse and often times your date will ask you questions. Certain answers will give you points, and when you earn enough points, your love interest’s affection levels will increase. If you have a certain item with you, it may be something a love interest likes, and they will ask if that item is for them, and thus giving them the item or declining will respectively increase or decrease affection levels. Going on dates at certain places can also result in your love interest giving you gifts if the date goes well, and sometimes those items can’t be gained any other way. Dates will  be very diverse depending on the characters and location, and many won’t be simply sitting at a particular location and answering questions. Some dates will involve choices pertaining to the date itself, which can also affect the outcome.

By going on dates, affection levels with love interests increase. When certain milestones are reached, their love interests can affect certain story scenes. If you are romancing multiple love interests and they are both above the required milestones for scenes, the love interest with the highest affection level will affect the scene.

Screenshots and more info to come soon!

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