News Update 4/3/17

Hello everyone!

I realize it’s been awhile yet again since the last official update, but as always I can assure you that I’m still hard at work on the games. My presence online has been scarce because I’m still dealing with serious health issues that make it difficult to balance time between working on the project and promoting it online.

I also have a few minor announcements that should streamline the release of the games as well as the experiences of each. Instead of doing the “in-between” games as separate games, I’m going to make them epilogue scenarios in their respective games. Thus:

  • The Children of Eden arc will be the epilogue of the Dark Kingdom arc.
  • The Parallel Moons arc will be the epilogue of the Black Moon arc.
  • The Lover of Princess Kaguya arc will be the epilogue of the Infinity arc.
  • The Another Story arc will be the epilogue of the Dream arc.
  • The Godfall arc will be the epilogue of the Stars arc. (The Godfall arc will take place solely in the ancient past, before the Silver Millennium.)

The content will still be the same, it will just make each story additional content to explore after you’ve beaten each game, as well as allow you to collect more playable characters, etc. These side stories were always intended to be much shorter than the main story arcs anyhow.

I have other announcements but that’s the biggest one for now. I must again ask everyone to understand that I am typically the only person working on the project as a whole, and I am working hard to make sure it is professional quality. I also have other commitments and health issues on top of that and having to work a full time job.

If anyone is interested in helping with the project in any capacity, send me an email at I am especially interested in finding more pixel artists!


  1. It’s great to hear from you and to know game development is still going on! Even after all these years I’m still super excited for the game, I can’t wait to play it. c: Don’t push yourself too hard, we can wait! Good luck with all of it.

  2. I only discovered your project recently, but I’ll second Jelle’s comments. It’s going to be amazing, but all in good time!

  3. AAAAhhhhhhhhh! I’m so glad you guys are still alive and kicking! I hope you guys make huge progress on the game soon!

  4. I’ve been following this project’s progress for years now, and I’m still as excited to play it as I was when I initially found out about it like 8 or 9 yrs ago. Glad to hear you’re still working on it, and best of luck

  5. Really looking forward to this! :) Take care of yourself first – that’s the most important thing.

  6. YAY! love to see sailor moon projects that people actually care about and take there time on been waiting for years, cant wait!


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