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Last year I mentioned that the games would have a dating feature as a mini game/sidequest where you’ll earn the points necessary to learn Support and Group Skills (special attacks and magic in battles).  Now, I’m turning to you guys to help me out and submit your own date questions and answers to be featured in the games! I’ve already made my own lists, but I want to take this opportunity to let you guys submit your own ideas and have your chance to get your own content into the game!

For a refresher on the dating feature, check out the previous post about it:

For a visual example of what dating will be like, this is a close example of what I’m going for: (however what I’m doing will be more complex and not simply answering random questions)

So basically just pick a character from the list, and type out a list of questions you think they would ask while on a date, with three or four answers for each question. At least one answer should be a positive answer (which will get you points) and one negative answer (which will lose you points). You could do one positive, one negative and one neutral, or two positives and one negative, etc. but always include at least one positive and one negative. How it will work is by the end of the date, if your positive answers outweigh the negative answers, you’ll get Friendship Points based on the final tally. Also, while all playable characters can go on dates, there are also some non playable characters that you can go on dates with as well, also keeping in mind that certain characters can only go on date with certain characters.

To make things less complicated, Friendship Points gained can be used to unlock any potential Support and Group Skills, not just skills between two certain characters. But you’ll be encouraged to go on as many dates as possible. Also remember that the dates are generally platonic, but love can develop between certain characters which will affect certain cutscenes and plot developments. One special feature that will be unique to non playable characters is that certain characters will be able to unlock Skills where they’ll summon those non playable characters in battle to perform a unique Skill! It’s an inclusion that is mostly meant to be humorous and fun, and won’t do anything silly like give non magical characters magic.

Right now I ask that you write questions from a neutral standpoint, meaning that the questions should be neutral and not directed at any particular character, almost as if they’re asking you, the player. There will be unique questions and responses for each and every date combination, but for now I want to keep things simple. Do your best to write the questions based on the manga/Sailor Moon Crystal characterizations of the characters. However, some humor poking fun at the anime or even the dub is okay. The dating should be fun! I don’t mind directly working with people who have an interest in helping to make sure their questions and answers get into the game.

Here is a list of characters in the first game (The Dark Kingdom story arc) to choose from:

Playable Characters

  • Usagi Tsukino
  • Ami Mizuno
  • Rei Hino
  • Makoto Kino
  • Minako Aino
  • Mamoru Chiba
  • Luna
  • Artemis

Non Playable Characters

  • Naru Osaka
  • Gurio Umino
  • Kuri Shiro
  • Yumiko Murasaki
  • Miss Haruna
  • Motoki Furuhata
  • Reika Nishimura

That’s not a complete list, but revealing some characters would result in spoilers which I want to avoid.

If this interests you at all, please submit your questions and answers to , also don’t hesitate to ask me questions, I love hearing from you!

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  1. wow, you’ve definitely come a long way from when I last stopped by years ago :>
    it’s so great seeing all the character designs and new screen shots and plot lines starting to fall into place! keep up the great work and maybe when I finish school (ha! one day) I’ll be able to donate xD


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